10 travel accessories you should pack before going overseas

These 10 travel accessories are so essential they should come free with every round-the-world ticket. Most are bought in a desperate hurry by stressed travellers somewhere between the baggage scanner and the boarding gate, so grab them before you leave and pat yourself on the back for planning ahead.

1. Multi-plug adaptor

One of the best and most commonly used travel accessories is a multi-plug adaptor. Cabeau’s 4-in-1 universal travel adaptor is good for the budget-minded. It’s narrow, lightweight and cheap. Slightly more expensive but sturdier is the Flight 001 4-in-1 travel adapter. Until the world adopts a global standard these are your best bets. For travellers looking for integrated USB ports, the Satechi Travel Router can’t be beaten.

2. A travel SIM card

Everyone has heard horror stories of returning home from an overseas trip with crippling data roaming charges. There are dozens of ways to avoid this but one of the best is to turn off ‘data roaming’ and use a travel SIM card. If your phone is unlocked, a travel SIM will let you avoid roaming fees.

3. Makeup and hair samples

Toiletries can add some hefty weight to your suitcase. Gather all those samples you’ve collected and never used, and give yourself more room for shopping…and avoid any nasty burst-bottle incidents.

4. Bluetooth Sleep Phones

Not only does this recently invented cross between a pair of headphones and a sleep mask let you can block out all distracting sound and light, but you can also control what you listen to via MP3. Perfect for peace and quiet on long-haul flights.

5. A bag with secret compartments

While there are money belts and travel packs, several small brands have designed something cleverer. Lo and Sons’ ‘The Claremont’ looks like a stylish leather camera bag, but once you see the numerous hidden pockets and ingeniously designed hiding spots for money, credit cards and your passport, every other travel bag seems to scream ‘steal me’.

6. Reusable water bottle

Empty it out before you get to the airport, fill it up once you’re there. Brands like Cheeki and Biome offer reusable water bottles that are better for your health and won’t wind up in the recycling bin.

7. An E-reader

Don’t weigh yourself down with travel guides and books when you can pack them all into a tablet. While there are a lot of options out there, the Amazon Kindle E-reader is the most travel friendly at just 130 grams and, with a battery that can go for months between charging, it’s tough to beat.

8. A compact stroller

Travelling with a baby presents enough problems for the seasoned or novice traveller, but one of those problems just got a lot smaller. Designers GB Pockit recently broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest portable stroller. Super handy, robust and able to carry up to 30kg without a fuss, just like the ideal travel partner.

9. An automatic translator

Perhaps not something you can grab right now, but before too long this will be essential. iLi caused a big fuss a few months ago when they debuted their instant translation device that functions without internet connection. Currently able to translate English, Chinese and Japanese in real time, iLi is matched by another company called Pilot that offer the same live service via an earpiece.

10. A good pair of walking shoes

Your best friend when you’re travelling the globe. Italy’s Superga walking shoes are a comfortable, stylish and durable option, and they would suit almost everything in your wardrobe.

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