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28° Global Platinum Mastercard®

Pay like a local, wherever you are

Why choose a Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard?

No annual fee
Award winning for a reason. We give value to our customers and do not charge an annual fee.
Global savings
Pay no international transaction fees or currency conversion fees when travelling. Use our calculator to see how much you could save.
Global shopping
Save on international transaction and currency conversion fees when shopping for your favourite global brands online.

Free Global

Latitude 28° Global customers stay connected with complimentary fast, free Wi-Fi at more than one million hotspots worldwide.^

Rates, Fees & Conditions


Annual fee


International transaction fees on purchases


Currency conversion fees


Up to 55 interest free days#on purchases


interest rate on purchases and cash advances


Minimum credit limit
Other fees
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Turn a delay
into a delight

Flight Delay Pass gives you and four friends access to airport lounges, drinks and Wi-Fi if your flight is delayed.1

Benefit at every stage of your trip

Before you go
On the go
Once you return
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    Before you go
  • On the go
  • Once you return
  • Book your flights, accommodation and adventures on Latitude 28° Global and avoid the international transaction and currency conversion fees
  • Buy what you need for your trip with 55 days interest free#
  • Register your Latitude 28° Global when you book your flight to take advantage of our Flight Delay Pass1
  • Worried about damaging your new camera or losing your phone? Check out our credit card insurance
  • Check out our blog for travel inspiration and other handy tips before you jet off!
  • No overseas fees on purchases when travelling
  • Enjoy fast, premium quality Free Global Wi-Fi at more than one million hotspots worldwide. Visit 28degreescard/boingo.com to register and activate your complimentary Boingo account ^
  • Special offers exclusive to Mastercard holders
  • Pay Any Way
  • Keep the holiday vibes going, shop at your favourite international brands online and avoid international transaction fees on purchases
  • Our Pay Any Way options mean you can make fast payments everyday with your phone or smartwatch
  • Enjoy no annual fee and up to 55 days interest free on purchases#

Calculate your savings

See how much you could save on international transaction fees when using Latitude 28° Global

Pay Any Way

Latitude Pay Any Way offers you the convenience and security of paying with any mobile or wearable tech. Now you can use your credit card with just a tap.

How to apply

  1. Apply online
    You can check your eligibility and apply in 10 minutes.

  2. Wait a minute
    60 seconds is all it takes for us to respond to your application.

  3. Ready, set, shop
    Simply activate your card when it arrives to start shopping and reaping the rewards.


You must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia
Able to supply:
  • A copy of your driver's licence, passport or proof of age card
  • Details of your income, assets and debts
  • Employer’s name and contact details

Important information

^ Free Global Wi−Fi through Boingo at over one million hotspots worldwide. Terms & conditions apply.
# To take advantage of up to 55 days Interest Free on everyday credit card purchases, you need to pay the full closing balance on each statement of account by the applicable due date.

1 The Flight Delay Pass gives free access to select airport lounges, alternatively cardholders can use their Flight Delay Pass to offset a dollar amount off the total bill at select dining options. This will vary based on location and affiliated LoungeKey Partners at the time. Please note that not all airports offer Flight Delay Pass and the selected airports may be restricted to certain terminals. Access to and use of the Flight Delay Pass is subject to the Terms of Use which are subject to change. Further details of the list of lounges that cardholders are eligible to visit and the specific conditions applicable to each lounge access (Conditions of Use) may also be accessed in the Terms of Use. Participating lounges and their Conditions of Use are subject to change.

2 Shopper's Protection is issued by Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478 and Hallmark Life Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 87 008 446 884 AFSL 243469.

Hallmark General and Hallmark Life are part of the Latitude group. Hallmark General is a subscriber to the General Insurance Code of Practice. Click here to access a copy of the Code. Hallmark Life is a subscriber to the Life Insurance Code of Practice. Click here to access a copy of the Code. Any advice on this website is general advice and may not be right for you. It does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You can find more information about your Shopper's Protection in the combined Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement and Policy.
TravelCare is issued by Southern Cross Benefits Limited ABN 99 133 401 939, AFS License 331058 trading as Southern Cross Travel Insurance®.
Approved applicants only. Conditions apply.

* Savings will depend on individual circumstances. The estimated saving is not an actual saving that you have achieved. It is a calculation based on no international transaction fees on purchases and no currency conversion fees being charged by Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard, and comparing other lenders' common charge of 3%. It assumes that minimum monthly repayments have been made when due. Certain icons from The Noun Project.