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7 Things a Platinum Credit Card Can Do For You

When trying to choose the right credit card for your travels, you can be overwhelmed with the finer details of terms and conditions, administration fees and extra services provided. Choosing the right credit card for your holiday can be tough, as there can be overwhelming amounts of offers and specials. When choosing the right credit card for you, do some research on the most important features you are looking for. We have come up with a list of favourite extras to ask for when applying for your next travel credit card.

7 Things a Platinum Credit Card Can Do for You

1. Connected insurance

Will your credit card include insurance when you shop or travel? Credit cards would usually have partner insurance services that make it easy and more affordable for you to send your application. Consider looking into your lender to find the connected insurance that's right for you.

2. Price protection guarantee

When looking into applying for a platinum credit card, having price protection guarantee allows you to have peace of mind when buying in-store and online products. This is definitely an add-on not to be missed! Latitude 28° Global is partnered with an award winning five star travel insurance, so getting insured should make it simpler for you.

Price protection guarantee

3. Emergency Replacements

The last thing you want on a holiday adventure is to lose your credit card and find yourself cashless. When you are out of your normal rhythm and don't have general access to friends and family who can help, an emergency replacement of your credit card will prove very handy. Services like these may sound just like an extra feature to a credit card, but those who have travelled much, and have lost a thing or two will definitely agree that this is a great feature to look for.

4. Discounts

Discounts. We all love them, and when it comes to entertainment this one is a winner! We love entertainment discounts, and that's why you should look around to find a platinum credit card with this service. Any type of discount is a bonus feature for you, so ensure you do some research prior to applying to a credit card without rewards!

5. Shopper's protection

When applying for your next platinum credit card, consider purchasing Shopper's Protection Insurance. With Latitude 28° Global, Shopper's Protection gives you the security that you could meet your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard monthly repayments if you were unable to work due to illness or injury, or involuntary unemployment.

Providing cover against loss or damaged things you buy, even against certain price reductions, Shopper's Protection is a great way to stress less about unwanted holiday events.

6. Get free global Wi-Fi

If you are a Latitude 28° Global customer you can get free global Wi-Fi worldwide! This added service proves beneficial, as the internet can be really useful wherever we travel in the world. The Boingo Wi-Fi benefit provides eligible Latitude 28° Global cardholders with a Boingo Wi-Fi account at no additional cost. This Boingo account gives you unlimited, streamlined access to more than one million global hotspots at locations which include airports, hotels, convention centres, cafes, retail stores, inflight and more.

7. Flight Delay Pass

Register your flight, and if it's delayed by two hours or more the drinks, nibbles and Wi-Fi are on us for you and four registered travelling companions, with access to a selection of airport lounges. Alternatively, if a lounge is unavailable, benefit from special dining offers at select cafes and restaurants.