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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Free Global Wi-Fi

Have you heard? Our Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard has Free Global Wi-Fi for all customers. So, the next time you're travelling, be it New York, the South of France, or even when you're in-flight, you can jump on to our Boingo Free Global Wi-Fi.

1. Hotspot Finder

Before you start travelling, do a quick recce online to see whether your holiday destination has Wi-Fi hotspots. This can be done on the Boingo Wi-Fi website via the hotspot finder. It's super easy and fast! You won't have much luck in places like Iceland and Northern Russia, however you'll find tonnes of hotspots in Europe, particularly the UK, France and Germany, in North America, and across Asia. Check it out here.

2. In-flight Wi-Fi

Need to let your friends or family know when you're landing? In-flight Wi-Fi can be super handy for this, especially if there are delays! Airlines that have Boingo Wi-Fi include Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, to name a few. You may discover that not every flight path and plane model can support Wi-Fi onboard like the rest, but there are many of your fellow Latitude 28° Global cardholders who have already had success around the world.

Having trouble logging in? Check that you've allowed pop-ups in your internet browser, plus you can find instructions in our Global Wi-Fi FAQs.

3. Are you connected?

If you're on the ground and having trouble getting onto our Free Global Wi-Fi, make sure you're connected properly. There are a few different ways to connect: via a browser landing page, the Boingo Wi-Finder app, or Boingo Passpoint. You can find the full step-by-step guide on each of these three connection options under How do I connect to Boingo? in our FAQs.

4. Get the Boingo Wi-Finder app

Some of us love an app for everything and that's ok! Simply head to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Boingo Wi-Finder app. Plus, it's one of the ways to get connected to Boingo Wi-Fi, so it's a great one to download pre-holiday.

5. Have a discussion on Whirlpool

Some of our Latitude 28° Global globetrotters have been chatting about their experience using Boingo Free Wi-Fi. It may be worth searching for your issue in this popular Australian forum, as you might find further guidance from your fellow Latitude 28° Global cardholders.

Now there you have it - our top tips to capitalise on your Boingo Free Global Wi-Fi with Latitude 28° Global on your next holiday. If you still have questions or queries head over to the Global Wi-Fi section of our FAQs page. Still no luck? Email Boingo Mastercard customer support or call Boingo Mastercard here.