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How to make the most of your 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard

Manage your account

Online account managementHide

Registering for the Online Service Centre is simple and lets you:

  • Manage your account and update your details
  • Access your statements anywhere and anytime
  • View your transactions instantly
Register for the Online Service Centre today

It only takes a few minutes. Just make sure you have your mobile phone on hand. If not, please have your card plus a recent statement with you to help answer some questions.

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Updating my informationHide

The easiest way to update your contact details is via the Online Service Centre, alternatively you can call Customer Solutions on 1300 552 079.

Personalise your PINHide

In Australia, you are required to have a PIN on your credit card. In many other countries, you may be required to enter your PIN. Please make sure you have one before leaving Australia.

You can select your own PIN by calling us on 1300 552 079.

Credit LimitsHide

How do I know what my 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard credit limit is?

Your credit limit and available credit limit can be found on the top right corner of your monthly 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard statement or you can log on to the Online Service Centre to check it any time.

Complete this form if you would like to request an increase to your credit limit.

You may be required to submit supporting documentation with your credit limit increase request.

How do I find out what my cash limit is?

It’s important to note that your 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard credit limit can be different from your cash credit limit. The amount of available credit you can access as cash can be found on the top right corner of your monthly 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard statement or you can log on to the Online Service Centre to check it any time.

Additional card holdersHide

To share the convenience of 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard with a family member or loved one, add an additional cardholder using our online application form, or please call 1300 552 079 and ask for an additional cardholder application form.

Payment OptionsHide

Choose the most convenient way to make your repayments:

Direct debit: Never miss a payment; pay your 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard automatically from your savings or cheque account. You can download a direct debit form from the Online Service Centre.

BPAY: Make payments electronically using your bank's phone or internet banking service. BPAY is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make a payment, quote the 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard Biller Code (150615), your account number and the amount you wish to pay.

Please note you can use the biller code & your card number as the Customer Reference Number (CRN) to make your first payment.

Payments are processed during business hours, so make sure you complete your transaction before your bank's cut-off time or the due date.

Australia Post: Simply take your statement and pay at any Post Office. A handling fee of $2.00 applies to each transaction.

Understanding your statementsHide

As a 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard customer, you'll receive a monthly statement (if you have activity on your account). If you have a paper statement delivered by mail you'll be charged a paper statement fee every month. To opt out of paper statements and avoid a fee, register or login into the Online Service Centre, and follow the instructions under 'Statements'.

Each statement outlines your transactions over the last month and the minimum monthly payment required by a due date.

The minimum monthly payment is 3% of the total outstanding balance, or $25, whichever is greater, plus any installment payments due in the statement period.

Your statement will also ask you to pay any overdue or over-limit amounts.

If you have any questions regarding your statement, please read the Understanding your statement document or please call our Customer Solutions team on 1300 552 079.

Insurance claimsHide

How to make an insurance claim

We believe that making an insurance claim should be straight forward and hassle-free. There are a number of ways you can submit your claim to us. We’ve now made it easier and quicker than before with online claim forms for some covers - see below.

Shopper's Protection Claims

GE Money, Insurance looks after all Shopper’s Protection claims. To make a claim, you can:

Find out more
Travel Insurance Enquiries:


Travel Insurance; SCTI Travel Insurance

(For Worldwide Assistance Only)

+61 2 8216 0200

Travel Insurance Enquiries


28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard provides a complimentary concierge service for all cardholders which is available 24/7 worldwide.

What can concierge help with?

Just about anything that you need researched or organised*. From booking concert tickets to researching available hotels or making dinner reservations, our concierge staff will customise their service to meet your needs.

Simply call the 28 Degrees Platinum Customer Solutions line on 1300 552 079 and ask for 'concierge'. Then just tell them what you're after. They'll undertake a search, provide options and costs and then, if you'd like to proceed, will make arrangements on your behalf. It's that easy!

*Subject to the 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard Conditions of Use.

Forms & documentsHide

Below is a list of useful forms and brochures. To print and complete the forms, you’ll require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain a free copy from